HILLSBORO, Ore. (KOIN) — A huge party is in the works for a remote spot in Hillsboro where a man lives inside a Boeing 727.

Bruce Campbell, a retired electrical engineer, lives in the plane on a 10-acres piece of land. 

Campbell is friends with party promoters for Murderboat Productions and he agreed to let them host a DJ dance party on his property on September 8.

The plan is for DJs to be on the wing with the guests on the ground except to tour the plane. There will be food, beer, art and portable toilets.

Organizers said it will be a ticketed event and they’re working with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission to get a permit to serve alcohol. 

“Safety is of utmost, top priority, so in the next few months we will make sure those (issues) are addressed,” said organizer Shawn MacArthur.  “The first priority is to prevent anyone from becoming injured or hurt and to have a good time.”

The property is off a narrow, 2-lane country road so guests will have to take shuttles from a nearby parking area or from downtown Portland. 

Organizers are also in touch with the fire department but haven’t discussed plans with the police yet.

The plane is off the beaten path, but the dance party is being promoted on Facebook and more than 14,000 people said they’re interested in going. Organizers haven’t decided how many tickets they’ll sell but it will likely be hundreds, not thousands. 

Campbell said they expect “a few hundred, but we have to determine that number, taking into account safety and capacity.”