Daryl Turner calls for ‘line in sand’ on violent protests

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PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Daryl Turner, the President for the Portland Police Association, has been known to comment on recent civic issues. 

In July, Turner called Portland a “cesspool,” criticizing Mayor Ted Wheeler for questioning the amount of arrests officers made against the city’s homeless. 

Then, in August, Turner criticized Wheeler again, saying he has “failed miserably” as police commissioner. 

On Monday, Turner released another statement from the Portland Police Association Facebook, targeting a different, current, ongoing issue in the city: protests turned violent. 

Turner wrote a post Monday called “line in the sand,” calling on the city council to end a “culture of enablement, restriction of enforcement, criticism of police when we act, and criticism of police when we don’t act, along with an over-emphasis on de-escalation and disengagement (that) has led us to our present, unacceptable situation.”

The Facebook post from Turner comes a week after Wheeler announced a drafted ordinance aimed at regulating protests and demonstrations. 

Last week, Wheeler said he has “an urgency” to get this ordinance passed, but it is currently a draft ordinance being reviewed by attorneys and, eventually, by the city council.

“The objective is to reduce street brawls and violence,” Wheeler said. “This is not the way we as Americans resolve our disputes…and it gives us more tools to deal with the protests.”

The ordinance is still a draft. 

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