PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — What gets many kids excited for school is the return of sports, clubs and after school activities that push them beyond the classroom.

Whether its soccer, choir or marching band, experts say having a grown up in your kids life who is rooting for them outside of the home or the classroom is crucial to bolstering their self esteem.

Finding balance in your kids life is important to relieve stresses that may come with back to school. Betsy Stone, the center director for Huntington Learning Center in Bethany, told KOIN 6 that parents shouldn’t be afraid to reach out to their kid’s school for help choosing an extracurricular.

“There’s always the usual, like sports are great, music’s wonderful,” said Stone. “Also reaching out to the school, especially if you’re in middle or high school. Often, the school is providing some type of extra homework support after school. That’s a great time.”

She also brought up after school programs to keep your kid engaged in school, such as Oregon Battle of the Books, which will keep your child reading and excited to compete no matter what age they are.