PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – The Alsea School District is remaining closed until Monday as staffing shortages persist amid the omicron surge.

The district had planned to reopen Wednesday after being closed for the past two days.

According to Superintendent Marc Thielman, the district is closing for the rest of the week “to give all our staff time to fully recover and hit the ground running.”

On Tuesday the district lost federal funding after it announced students would no longer be required to wear masks — which violates the state mask regulations for schools, according to the Oregon Department of Education.

Along with serving as superintendent in the Alsea District, Thielman is running for Oregon Governor.

In his announcement that the Alsea district would defy the state mask mandate, Thielman said it was a unanimous decision by the school board. The ODE responded in a letter to the district explaining the state would withhold funding effective immediately.