Arleta School parents want principal removed

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Move comes after student ingested 'unknown white substance' last week

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Some parents of Arleta School in Southeast Portland are calling for Principal Diana Kruger to be removed after a student last week ingested what they said Kruger told them was crack cocaine.

The unknown white substance was given to the student by another student, officials said on October 31.

In a letter to parents last week, Kruger said she contacted police as soon as she heard about it. She said all of the families of the students who may have eaten the substance were also contacted.

The student who ate the substance didn’t show any immediate signs of being sick but was taken to a doctor by their family, Kruger said.

Tuesday afternoon some of the parents made a public statement about the incident and plan to bring their concerns to the PPS School Board meeting Tuesday night.

In an unsigned group letter attributed to “Arleta Parents,” the group said a 3rd-grader brought crack cocaine to school on October 28.

“More than 50 Arleta parents sent emails to Deputy Superintendent Kregg Cuellar to ask that Principal Diana Kruger be placed on administrative leave.”

The letter said it’s not just about the cocaine incident but “about the school environment” since Kruger arrived. The group letter also states “neither Poison Control nor 911 was called” when the crack cocaine was ingested.

“As of now,” the letter states, “PPS has not told parents whether or not Principal Kruger will be placed on leave.”

In a statement, Portland Public Schools officials said they’re conducting an investigation into the incident at Arleta School.

The statement also said:

“A group of Arleta parents began contacting our Deputy Superintendent/Chief of Schools and Regional Superintendent, beginning last Friday evening and continuing throughout the weekend. Our Regional Superintendent responded to every parent during the weekend, and offered her mobile phone number in case parents wanted to talk immediately. Beginning yesterday, Arleta has had a retired school principal on campus to provide administrative leadership support, and the school’s Area Senior Director has been on campus, as well.”

The regional superintendent will also meet with families at Arleta School Tuesday evening.

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