The Beaverton school board is considering a ban on all firearms on school property, regardless of concealed carry licenses.

Districts across the state have been deciding whether to create new rules that would prohibit nearly all guns on campus after state legislation put the decision to ban loaded firearms in the hands of school boards.

Oregon Senate Bill 554, passed in 2021, allows each of Oregon’s 197 school districts, 17 community colleges, seven state universities and Oregon Health & Science University to ban firearms on campuses, even if the gun owner has a concealed carry license.

Previously, Oregon law had a loophole in which students and those who open carry firearms were prohibited from having guns on campuses, but did not ban those with concealed carry licenses.

State laws still allows guns to be on school grounds as long as they are unloaded and locked in a vehicle, regardless of more stringent measures about guns on campuses passed by school boards.


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