BEAVERTON, Ore. (KOIN) — Southridge High School senior Kalie Minor surprised her 5th grade teacher, Mr. Beil, with a letter letting him know the impact he made on her education.

“Mr. Beil, I remember you every day,” Minor wrote. “I remember your teaching, your class, you. Though you were only my teacher for a year, that made an everlasting mark on me.”

Minor and other seniors from each of Beaverton’s high schools and option schools were selected to write letters to a teacher who made a difference during their time in school. Then they surprised the teachers and read them their letters.

Among the others who shared their gratitude were Emile Bejarano of Beaverton High School, Simra Ahsan of Sunset High School and Rut Ramirez of Aloha High School.

  • Rut Ramirez of Aloha High School shares her 'grad-itude' message with kindergarten teacher Ms. Haynes, May 2023 (BSD)
  • Sunset High School senior Simra Ahsan shares her 'grad-itude' message with her 2 favorite teachers, May 2023 (BSD)
  • Emile Bejarano of Beaverton High School shares his 'grad-itude' message wih Ms. Lux, May 2023 (BSD)
  • Southridge High School senior Kalie Minor shares her 'grad-itude' message with Mr. Beil, May 2023 (BSD)

Ramirez shared her gratitude with Ms. Haynes, her kindergarten teacher at Hazel Dell Elementary.

“You were not just a teacher to me, but someone who made me feel seen, heard, especially during a time when I did not know English,” she told Ms. Haynes. “You played a crucial role in shaping my life and I will always be grateful for the impact you had on me.”

Bejarano shared his gratitude with Ms. Lux, who taught him for 4 years.

“Your art brings color to even the darkest day. Even through the madness that was online school, your drive to connect with everyone was inspiring,” he told her.

Ahsan couldn’t pick one teacher — so she shared her grad-itude with 2 who worked as a team. “You create a safe place for everyone to be honest. whether you’re waiting in the rain with us as we wait for buses for rotations. You are our go-to mom at school.”

This is the second year the Beaverton School District recorded these “grad-itude” messages. Officials said it may become an annual tradition.