PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Castle Rock School District announced classes are cancelled Thursday June, 16 due to a threat to school safety.

In the announcement, the school district said it is working with law enforcement to investigate the threat.

Castle Rock Police Department said they received information Wednesday afternoon of a possible threat planned for Thursday at Castle Rock High School.

After an investigation, the police department determined there were no threats made and there is no credible danger. Police noted they will continue to monitor the situation but said there is no reason for alarm.

Meanwhile, all after-school activities and daycare services are also cancelled. The school district said families can pick up any items students may have left behind at school next week on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

“I apologize for such short notice, but our top priority is to protect our students and staff and we simply do not want to take any chances,” Superintendent Ryan Greene said in the announcement. “Thank you for your patience and grace as we do all that we can to keep students and staff safe.”

The school district also asked families to not come to the schools and noted that staff will stay home for safety.