Friday night rainbows: Newberg, Sherwood students ‘show support’


Student leaders said wearing rainbow colors was about promoting love and respect, not protesting or making a political statement

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Students from rival school districts teamed up at a Friday night football game to promote love and respect.

The respective student councils at Sherwood and Newberg high schools agreed earlier in the week that their Friday night football game would be a breeding ground for positivity in light of recent controversy.

For months, the Newberg School District has made headlines over its school board’s decision to ban “political” symbols from school grounds, including Pride and Black Lives Matter imagery. The board passed a re-written and more narrowly focused ban by a 4-3 vote earlier this week. It now focuses on teachers and staff alone but the board expanded the banned displays to anything that is “political, quasi-political or controversial.”

Student leaders from Newberg and Sherwood on Friday asked students attending the football game to wear rainbow clothing or colors of the rainbow to promote love and respect in the community. The student councils said the rainbow imagery was not a form of protest or a political statement.

Some Newberg students told KOIN 6 News the student body wasn’t given a fair say in the decision to ban Pride symbols on campus.

“Honestly, I think our voice hasn’t been heard,” said one student.

“I feel like people kinda speak for us,” said another student. “There’s a bad image of Newberg right now and it’s not really true.”

Sherwood students said wearing rainbow at the game was a “great idea” and that “we need to show support and inclusion for everybody.”

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