PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — An audit of Oregon’s High School Success Program found that 4 of the 5 identified areas of improvement have been met, with the fifth not far behind.

Secretary of State Shemia Fagan released the results of the performance audit of Measure 98, which was passed in November 2016 to focus on improving graduation rates in high schools across the state.

Fagan is working to emphasize the importance of audits to ensure the success of Oregon’s education system, a release said.

“Education must be a top priority for leaders in our state,” said Secretary Fagan. “Education was a ladder that helped me break the cycle of poverty in my family. Every student in Oregon should have that same opportunity, which is why I have prioritized education audits and will continue to push our state leaders to make needed improvements to our K-12 system.”

An audit of the measure is performed every two years. After the last audit in 2020, five key areas of improvement were discovered. They are:

  • Reviewing costs
  • Changing approval processes
  • Documenting time-consuming technical difficulties
  • Setting future goals
  • Using Oregon Department of Education data to figure out new equity goals

On Monday, Fagan shared the results of the 2022 audit.

The new audit found that ODE has completed four out of the five recommendations from the previous one. ODE said they expect the fifth recommendation, reviewing costs, to be complete by Summer 2023.

The audit came with four new recommendations for improving the success of Measure 98. Those include:

  • Documenting challenges that arise with ODE’s integrated guidance plan,
  • Documenting program participants
  • Measuring outcomes that can be attributed to the High School Success program.

The fourth recommendation is a continuation of the reviewing costs recommendation from 2020’s audit.

The next audit will be performed in 2024.