PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — In the just-released “at a glance profile,” the Oregon Department of Education said students considered on-track to graduate fell 11% from the 2018-19 school year.

But ODE officials said they expect those numbers to rise again now that in-person learning has resumed across the state.

ODE’s At-A-Glance Profiles and Accountability Details

The report highlights critical data for schools in Oregon to track graduation and attendance rates across the entire state. A student is considered “in attendance” if they go to school more than 90% of the time.

On track to graduate means a 9th-grader has completed one-fourth the credits necessary for a diploma by the time the school year is over, including summer school.

Currently, the on-track to graduate rate in Oregon sits at 74%.

There are a range of percentages for districts’ projected graduation rate and attendance:

  • Portland Public Schools: 86%, 75.7%
  • West Linn Wilsonville: 79.5%, 81.5%
  • Lake Oswego: 95%+, 91.6%
  • Molalla River: 53.8%, 62.5%
  • Canby: 55.4%, 70.4%
  • Hood River County: 80.3%, 81.3%

Other changes seen in the report from years past is the omission of class sizes due to what a classroom looked like during the 2020 (pandemic) school year.

ODE officials also said that low participation rates on statewide assessments should not be compared to years past because taking those tests at home was not an option.

Only about 30% of students who would usually take these tests did. Usually it’s about 95%, officials said.