PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — In their most public rebuke yet, Ridgefield educators voted no confidence against three school leaders on Wednesday.

In a release sent on Wednesday, the Ridgefield Education Association said teachers “overwhelmingly passed a vote of no confidence” against Superintendent Nathan McCann, Assistant Superintendent Chris Griffith and Executive Director of Student Services Michael Baskette.

The vote occurred as union bargaining sessions continue daily and students remain at home. On Wednesday evening, classes were once again canceled for Thursday.

It will mark the fifth school day cancelation since the strike began.

The REA, representing about 200 teachers and staff, says the union wants additional funding for mental health support and special education for students. Educators also cited concerns regarding the lack of staff and crowded classes.

The union says members have been surprised and disappointed with the district’s “snail-like pace” while negotiating.

“This disappointment in district management’s actions was reflected Tuesday night during the Ridgefield School Board meeting where more than 100 union members, parents and community supporters spoke in support of educators and students,” REA’s statement read, in part.

District officials say the school year will continue once the teacher strike has concluded. School sports, however, will continue because coaches are under different contracts. But lost days of school will need to be made up before the end of the school year.