PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — As data shows the COVID-19 pandemic continues to fade, the countdown is over and masks are officially optional in Oregon and in Washington state. And with that schools can either require masks or make them optional for students.

Evergreen schools in Southwest Washington are one of many school districts that are dropping their mask requirement on Monday.

“It’s a big day. It’s an important day,” said Evergreen Superintendent John Boyd.

It’s been almost two years since schools initially transitioned to virtual learning. Since then many students, staff and parents have been waiting for the day masks could be lowered.

Boyd says the schools are prepared to support those ditching the mask, along with anyone who continues wearing one.

“We’ve been on bent knees here with COVID and the fact that we’ve had to change and adapt rapidly under the circumstances will put us in a position to adapt if other things come our way,” said Boyd.

Masks are also optional for students in Portland Public Schools, Salem-Keizer, and Beaverton, along with several other districts in both Oregon and Washington