PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – High school students can soon put aside Number 2 pencils as the Scholastic Aptitude Test goes digital in 2024.

According to “Barron’s Digital SAT Study Guide Premium 2024” author, Brian Stewart, the new SAT — which will be taken on a computer or tablet — also reduces chances of cheating.

“I think, based on feedback we’ve seen from international test-takers who are already doing the digital format, that cheating should be much less of a concern. There have been significant concerns in the past where entire sets of scores from some countries have had to be canceled because the test got out ahead of time and now students will have a secure app,” Stewart said.

Stewart added, “they won’t be able to open up other internet browsers or chat while they’re doing the test and they’ll be given sets of questions so, you won’t be able to look over and see what someone else is answering.”

The digitized format is one of a few changes coming to the college admission exam, Stewart explained.

“It will be adaptive, it will have shorter reading and writing passages and will have embedded tools in the program like a calculator and a timer. So, it’s the biggest transformation in the history of the SAT,” Stewart said.

Stewart says it’s still beneficial for students to take the SAT as over 96% of colleges in the United States accept the test scores and says scores can also help with merit scholarships, can show that the student is prepared for college-level work and can help students avoid remedial coursework.

To prep for the test, Stewart recommends students build their academic skills, especially when it comes to reading comprehension, as the new tests will feature passages from poetry, humanities and drama.

Stewart suggests students take advantage of free and affordable resources such as the College Board’s Blue Book app or Barron’s study guides and practice tests.

Stewart added, “I think it’ll be a more secure experience for students, they’ll get their scores back more quickly and they’re more familiar with the online test with schools using computers for textbooks in a lot of cases.”