PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — One of the most important academic years of a child’s learning development is kindergarten.

Kindergarten gives children to chance to learn and practice essential social and problem-solving skills that will be used throughout their lives.

Knowing this, Beaverton schools are currently hosting kinder academy which is where kids can dip their toes in being a student for three days ahead of the new year.

“It just feels super special,” said Monique Singleton, the principal of Vose Elementary School in Beaverton. “I know there’s a ton of energy and positive optimism for our staff. They’re working really hard to get to get everything ready and we’re just excited to have everyone joining us in a few weeks.”

Enrollment in kindergarten is hugely important, so Singleton says it’s important for parents to register their child now if they haven’t already. This will give the school ample time to prepare for your little ones.

When the district doesn’t have an accurate picture of enrollment, they will move teachers around to other schools. Singleton says this could cause instability for children.

“We actually find that one of the most important is teachers, so that’s one of the reasons we want the quality and stability of teachers being in their classrooms. It also ensures that we have more teachers because we have more opportunity to plan and project if we have more kids registered early,” said Singleton.

She says right now they have about 70 kids registered, but they expect to have well over 100 by the time school starts.

Visit your district website to register a child.