PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Christine Drazan has been named as the Republican candidate in the race for the next Oregon governor.

As of 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Drazan currently holds just under 23% of the primary vote, while Bob Tiernan holds just over 18% of the primary vote.

Although the Associated Press held off on calling the race for Drazan until 6 p.m., Tiernan conceded to her on Wednesday afternoon.

In his concession statement, Tiernan said he was recognizing Drazan as the primary winner.

“I wished Christine good luck in her campaign to lead Oregon in a new direction by quickly addressing our out-of-control crime problems, homeless camps on the streets, failing schools, and other problems that need to be fixed to unify all Oregonians no matter where they live in the state,” Tiernan said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Drazan tweeted she was cautiously hopeful and waiting for more results.

“While all signs point to a victory, we are still waiting for more ballots to be tallied and for the race to be officially called,” Drazan said. “We look forward to celebrating the final outcome soon.”

Former state House Speaker Tina Kotek was declared the Democratic nominee on Tuesday night. Meanwhile, a third candidate, former state senator Betsy Johnson, is running as an unaffiliated contender in November’s general election for Oregon’s next governor.