PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — With less than a week to go to turn in ballots, early voting turnout is at more than 52% in both Oregon and Washington.

The Oregon Secretary of State’s Office said early voting turnout is at 52.3% for Oct. 28, while the latest numbers from the Washington Secretary of State’s Office has the Evergreen State’s early voting turnout at 52.6%.

Tuesday was the last day for Oregon ballots to be mailed in, meaning residents who still want to have dropped off their ballots at official ballot drop off locations. Click here for a full list of locations in the Portland and Salem metro areas, along with links to county clerk offices.

Meanwhile, voters in Washington state have to make sure their ballot is postmarked by Nov. 3, or can drop it off at a ballot drop off location as well.

Washington residents also have the option of registering to vote until Nov. 3 by going in-person to county elections clerk offices as long as they’ve been a state resident for 30 days. A full list of Southwest Washington ballot drop off locations can be found here.

The Washington Post reports the United States has already hit 51% of total votes cast in the 2016 election.