PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Preliminary election results show that 56.7% of Portland voters favor charter reform. So far, election officials have counted 118,013 “yes” votes for Measure 26-228, and 90,290 votes against the measure.

If passed, the measure will completely transform Portland’s current system of government. Instead of a single board of commissioners representing all of Portland, the measure would split the city into four geographic districts, each represented by their own set of three council members. It would also relieve city commissioners of bureau-management duties and assign the roles to appointed city administrators.

The measure was drafted by the Portland Charter Commission, an independent body of 20 Portland residents that is assembled every 10 years to review potential changes to the city charter. After assembling in 2020, at least 15 members of the commission agreed to put the changes to Portland voters.

The dramatic change has generated passionate responses from local leaders, Portland residents and Hollywood celebrities. The advocacy group Portland United for Change has been the prominent supporter of Measure 26-228, holding rallies and fundraisers for the campaign. Portland Commissioner Mingus Mapps, meanwhile, remains openly outspoken against the proposed method of charter reform, calling it “highly problematic and very unusual.” 

On Oct. 25, Actress Jennifer Lawrence added her support for Portland’s charter reform measure through a campaign video published by the anti-corruption advocacy group RepresentUs. The “Hunger Games” actress and other notable Hollywood types, including director Adam McKay and actor Ed Helms, are board members of the nonpartisan, nonprofit organization.

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Portland is the only major U.S. city to still use a commission-style government.