PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Election day is here and so is the deadline to submit your ballots for Oregon’s primary.

But, because of the pandemic — there are some changes in Multnomah County that you need to know about. County election offices are doing their part to make sure you stay safe with the threat of COVID-19.

KOIN 6 News: Your Local Election Headquarters

Safety precautions are being taken, including employees wearing masks and maintaining social distancing practices. Multnomah County is even letting voters call ahead if they need a ballot and an employee will then run one out to the voter’s car.

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You can also now deposit your ballot in a library book slot in addition to official drop boxes. Just remember — those need to be in by 8 p.m. Tuesday in order to be counted.  

Another change in Multnomah County: the number of workers in the elections office has been reduced from 275 to 150 people. Officials tell us that means election results might not come in as quickly as they usually do.  

“They’ll still see a lot of the results right at 8 o’clock on election night, but what may be different is that because there are fewer people in the building, we won’t be able to provide as many returns in the subsequent reports,” said Multnomah County Elections Director Tim Scott.

Another precaution being taken is how election workers open mail-in ballots. Workers now have to open those ballots open from the bottom – not the top part that was possibly licked by the voter.

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