PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – As Oregon Gov. Kate Brown’s time in office comes to an end, dozens of Democrats and Republicans are eager to seat themselves at the head of the state. 

The deadline to file to run in the 2022 Oregon Primary Election passed on March 10. So far, 20 Republicans and 15 Democrats have officially filed and entered the race. This is far more candidates running for governor in a primary election than the state has seen going back as far as 1910. 

In fact, between 1910 and 2018, Oregon has never had more than a dozen candidates run for the position in either party. 

While Oregonians began electing state governors long before 1910, KOIN 6 News checked records of voter’s pamphlets the Oregon State Library has available online, which date back to 1910. 

In 2022, Republicans would like to see the position return to their party. Many of the candidates are promising to allow parents more say when it comes to what their children are taught in school, stronger support for law enforcement and want to minimize taxes on small businesses. 

Democratic candidates say they would like to expand access to healthcare, confront climate change and push for criminal justice reform. 

Gov. Brown is term-limited and cannot run for re-election in 2022, leaving the position open for a replacement. 

The Oregon Secretary of State’s Office said in 2018, at least 5% of eligible voters in the state were registered members of the Independent Party of Oregon, so the gubernatorial candidates for that party appeared on the primary election ballot. However, that is not the case in 2022. Independent Party of Oregon candidates make up less than 5% of voters, meaning the party does not meet the threshold required to maintain major party status and Independent candidates will not appear on the primary election ballot in 2022. 

Here are the Republican and Democratic candidates voters can expect to see when they vote on May 17. 


  • Patrick Starnes 
  • Tina Kotek 
  • Michael Trimble 
  • Wilson Bright 
  • Tobias Read 
  • Keisha Lanell Merchant 
  • Peter W. Hall 
  • Michael Cross 
  • John Sweeney 
  • David Beem 
  • George Carrillo 
  • Ifeanyichukwu Diru 
  • David Stauffer 
  • Julian Bell 
  • Genevieve Wilson 


  • William (Bud) Pierce 
  • Stan Pulliam 
  • Jessica Gomez 
  • Kerry McQuisten 
  • Paul Romero 
  • Marc Thielman 
  • Bridget Barton 
  • Amber Richardson 
  • Nick Hess 
  • Brandon Merritt 
  • David A. Burch 
  • Christine Drazan 
  • John Presco 
  • Bill Sizemore 
  • Stefan Strek 
  • Reed Christensen 
  • Raymond Baldwin 
  • Court Boice 
  • Tim McCloud 
  • Bob Tierman