HILLSBORO, Ore. (KOIN) — Most grocery delivery services have trucks or vans to transport goods, but a new company in Hillsboro is using electric vehicles and other measures to help protect the environment.

Green Truck Grocery opened last week as the “first 100% renewably powered” specialty grocery store in the Portland-metro area. It offers delivery to Hillsboro, Beaverton, Portland, Tualatin and other nearby cities.

The online-only store mainly carries fresh and organic products from local vendors and farmers.

“We believe in as close to home as possible trying to reduce the carbon footprint and trying to reduce the amount of miles that product has traveled,” said Adam Poverman, a managing partner with Green Truck Grocery. “A lot of grocery stores have products coming from all around the world and all around the country. We found that it’s not great for the whole ecosystem and environment.”

Green Truck Grocery offers local and organic products through a grocery delivery service for Portland-area customers. (CYNTHIA MEADORS/GREEN TRUCK GROCERY)

The company delivers twice per week – Sunday and Wednesday – to curb food waste and deliver the “freshest” food possible.

Poverman said that the Portland metro area is a great place to offer this service because people care about the environment.

“Gives us own niche in the industry where no one really is focused on this eco-friendly side of things,” he said. “Our service offers people this option, so they can feel good about a local business that also supports local brands and the produce is local as possible.”

Other businesses have launched a similar grocery delivery services, such as Alpenrose Dairy in Portland that offers fresh milk and other items to people’s front door.

When asked about what sets Green Truck Grocery apart, Poverman said, it’s all about its renewably powered facilities. The company works with PGE’s green energy program with most of their power coming from either a Columbia River wind farm or solar panels.

“Most people don’t see the facility,” Poverman said, “but we are willing to pay a little extra… to be energy efficient.”

At first glace at Green Truck Grocery’s website, you might feel a little bit of a sticker shock. A box of six macaroons costs $16.99 and a package of 12-ounce Applewood smoked, uncured and sugar free rustic bacon will cost you $10.99.

Poverman said he doesn’t want to compete with a local grocery store like Fred Meyer but wants to attract a customer base that would shop at Whole Foods or New Seasons.

“We would love to have sort of a lower end option, middle option and higher end option like most grocery stores, but we’ve had to pick and choose sort of maybe one or two products to fill certain categories,” he explained. “There’s a reason why a lot of major grocery stores carry national brands because there’s a lot of cheap and more inexpensive products out there that quite honestly we could be carrying from distributors that are still organic or claim to be doing it the right way.”

Green Truck Grocery does offer free delivery for orders $50 and up.

From left to right: Adam Poverman, Jeff Wilson and Zak Katz. All three are cofounders of Green Truck Grocery. (CYNTHIA MEADORS/GREEN TRUCK GROCERY)

So far, Poverman said the company has received 89 orders since it’s soft opening in September with orders then open to the public late last month.

He added that he’s hopeful that the company will take off but appreciates the relationships he has created with customers and vendors so far.

“We have an elderly customer… and I bring her groceries and we talk for 10 minutes every day, and we would catch up and I see her once a week,” recalled Poverman. “She could easily shop at Fred Meyer and spend less money, but I get kind of emotional because those connections have been really important.”