Oregon House approves 10-year ban on 'fracking'

Currently no fracking operations in Oregon

SALEM, Ore. (AP) - The Oregon House approved a 10-year ban on fracking to explore for oil and natural gas.
Lawmakers voted 42-12 on Monday to prohibit the process, which injects high-pressure liquids into underground rock to extract oil and gas.
There are currently no fracking operations in Oregon. But developers say there's potential for coalbed methane extraction in the Willamette Valley, which this bill would also block.
Environmental advocates say fracking can contaminate groundwater and pose other environmental risks.
The Trump administration announced last year that it planned roll back federal regulations on the process, making it easier to frack on public lands.
New York, Vermont and Maryland have enacted fracking bans, and Florida and New Mexico are also considering outlawing at least some forms of the practice.

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