PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The city of Portland’s Urban Forestry division hopes to get more community members not only planting trees in their neighborhoods but caring for the ones that already exist.

The city’s tree stewardship program is currently underway, putting dozens of volunteers in the classroom and out in the field to not only learn the science behind trees but also plant and care for them around the city.

Gearing recruitment efforts through social media, they hope more volunteers will take interest in future programs and growth in their communities.

“We want that urban forest to really sustain us for many years to come,” said Clare Carney, the Urban Forestry Outreach & Stewardship coordinator. “So our volunteers really are able to do that and they do that at a community level in their neighborhoods, whether that’s going door-to-door to share that information on how they can get trees or maintain those trees.”

Over the years, the city has trained more than 300 tree stewards. They hope that number continues to grow.

Urban Forestry said this program will not only keep volunteer planting efforts up but also ensure long-term care for existing trees. Carney added that many of these tree stewards go beyond the planting stage and volunteer for years.

“They can kind of be a volunteer for some of our planting programs, at schools with students and teaching them or leading tree walks to make sure that other community members understand the importance and value of our urban forest,” she said.