PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Friday was officially Earth Day but every day is a day to be nice to Mother Earth.

On Saturday, thousands of volunteers worked together for the Spring SOLVE Clean Up across Oregon. There were 150 SOLVE events happening across the state on Saturday, including one in Southeast Portland that brought the KOIN 6 News team out to help clean things up.

SOLVE CEO Kris Carico said it was nice to see so many people working together to make the event a success. She noted the number of volunteers were at “pre-COVID numbers.”

Officials said that, with half of their sites reporting, “nearly 38,000 pounds of litter and marine debris had been collected by 2,984 volunteers during this collaborative statewide event. In addition, more than 63,000 square feet of invasive plant species were removed, and 372 trees and shrubs have been planted.”

There are other SOLVE events coming up soon. You can find out and sign up on the SOLVE site.