PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Help is on the way for people who want blooms on backyard plants and orchards.

As mason bees are emerging from a long winter hibernation, a Washington-based company called Rent Mason Bees is looking for backyards in the Portland area to site new colonies! The bees do not sting, they are great pollinators and can be a great science project for kids while schools are closed.

“They take care of themselves, they hatch out as nature allows,” said Jim Watts of Rent Mason Bees. “When it warms up they just naturally hatch out. It is in sequence with the blooming plants in your yard because they’re native.”

Rent Mason Bees makes it easy for people to host bees. Contact him at his website and he’ll send you the bee house and nesting block! You hang it somewhere warm as bees pollinate your yard and during their eight to 10-week lifespan. They’ll lay eggs in the nesting block that you then mail back when the bees’ work in the nest is finished.