PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Since 1995, the Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership has worked to restore habitat for keystone fish species like salmon and steelhead along the Columbia River.

The nonprofit teaches young students about their watershed, native and invasive plants, and creates volunteer opportunities to plant native trees near important waterways. 

The Estuary Partnership is supported by Calabash Authentic. On Earth Day, and the next day, April 22-23, Calabash Authentic will donate 10% of all sales from its food cart to the Estuary Partnership.

Calabash Authentic is a food cart born out of desire from the Temple family to share their home and culture with the Portland community.

Julius J Temple moved to the United States from Sierra Leone in West Africa and blends African cuisine with Southern soul-food inspired dishes that are made fresh daily at the food cart. Temple recently opened a second Calabash Authentic food cart in Beaverton, and is preparing to reopen the original in Sellwood soon.

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