PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Lei and his family own the Eggy Pocket food cart on SW Washington Street, which opened about six months ago. The unique dish comes from the Fujian province in China, where it’s a top street food. 

“I grew up with the stuff, I really love it. Basically the outside is kind of crispy, we pour the egg inside the bing, which is kind of like a tortilla,” Lei explains. 

He says his patrons are a mixture of tourists and office workers, and he serves anywhere from 50 – 100 eggy pockets a day.  

“People always tell me they’ve never had this one before, it’s their first time. Some of the people, they went to China, knowing this stuff, they come to try a lot of the Asian people from Seattle and California, they come to Portland only for this stuff,” Lei says.  

Unlike many popular carts around town, Lei says the family doesn’t have aspirations to expand to brick and mortar. They enjoy the food cart life.

“Working with my family is really good, we want to do this as long as we can,” he says. His mom does the majority of the cooking.

There is a concern the lot on SW 10th Avenue between Washington and Alder Street will be developed, like the one across the street, which pushed a number of food carts out. 

“The only challenge is probably the building that everybody talks about is going to be here. We have to move to somewhere else, so we have to start over, so that’s the only concern.”