PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The Frying Scotsman moved from downtown Portland to Beaverton’s BG Food Cartel in October.

Owner James King said the transition has been smooth. He had been in the Alder Street pod for eight years, cooking up his hometown delicacy of fish and chips.

Anticipating eviction, he moved in October before the rest of the carts were forced out to make room for a Ritz Carlton hotel.

He makes all varieties of fish and chips, from cod to haddock to red snapper. He also serves traditional mushy peas.

Fish and chips used to be a Friday night tradition, King said. Nowadays, it’s eaten more regularly.

“People have it all the time now. It used to be when you come out of the pub, which is a bar, and you come out at night time, you go to the fish and chips shop and get your fish and chips after. It would be wrapped in newspaper, which is a traditional way of doing it,” King said.

The Frying Scotsman cart in the BG Food Cartel is KOIN’s Cart of the Week. (KOIN)

He peels about 300 pounds of potatoes every morning for the chips. “It’s a lot,” he said.

He buys his fish locally and does most of the cooking himself. The hours in Beaverton are longer because it’s a dinner time crowd, but King says he’s glad for the change and is enjoying his new spot.

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