PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Oregon City’s dining scene will look a bit different this summer as Canard opens its new location – adding more options for foodies in the area.

Gabriel Rucker, the chef and owner of Canard and Le Pigeon, told KOIN 6 News the new location would be similar to what’s available in Portland with a couple of changes. People can expect a different menu, double the seating along with lunch and dinner hours.

Canard’s location in Portland currently is only available for dinner hours.

“I’m living my true dream with the (Canard) we have, but I want to expand on the idea of burgers, fries and soft serve ice cream,” said Rucker.

Rucker and his business partner are huge fans of Dairy Queen and Mike’s Drive-in after eating at those restaurants growing up. Mike’s Drive-in plans to open a new location in Tigard this May.

People enjoying a meal at Canard’s location in Portland. The restaurant’s new location will have double the seating. (Courtesy Photo: Le Pigeon)

The owner of Canard said nothing makes him happier than getting burgers and ice cream with his children on a summer afternoon. He hopes to bring the same atmosphere to Oregon City.

“Canard’s everybody’s restaurant. It’s a diverse restaurant,” he said. “No matter who you are, you can find something you like. I want to see people having a nice bottle of wine and some foie gras, and I want to see kids in dirty soccer uniforms having sundaes and cheeseburgers.”

So why Oregon City?

Not only is the location closer to Rucker, who moved to Milwaukie three years ago, he credits the city’s character and downtown area as some of the reasons for opening the new location there.

Canard hopes to feature a variety of food at its new location in Oregon City. The owner told KOIN 6 News there will be wine for adults and cheeseburgers available for children. (Courtesy Photo: Le Pigeon)

“I’ve been eating in Oregon City more and more over the last year,” he said, “and to be honest, there is an amazing restaurant scene there. … The service is great. What people are doing is great… so we just want to come in and kind of find our place in an already thriving and great dining scene.”

At the new location, people can expect duck frites – a duck breast with French fries, goat cheese butter and peppercorn sauce – along with a dry-aged Salisbury steak freeze.

Due to supply chain issues, the Rucker hopes to open the location in early July on 1500 Washington St. in Oregon City.

The business is also currently hiring employees for ahead of the opening. Those interested can email their resume to info@canardpdx.com.