PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — It’s a sign of the times as downtown Portland continues to grow — more food carts are being pushed out of their spots.

Two food carts on SW 2nd Avenue and SW Columbia are the latest to get the boot. Taqueria so Mexican and a Greek food cart, The Greek God’s Gyro, got notice just a few weeks ago that they have until the beginning of November to move.

“I know everyone’s so sad,” Taqueria so Mexican owner Jonathan Marroquin said. “We’re very sad because we’ve been here for three years so all of our customers are here, we get along with everyone.”

Taqueria so Mexican is moving to 39th and Belmont, where they hope downtown regulars will still visit every now and then. 

A beloved group of food carts on SW Washington and Alder is also on the chopping block due to construction of a new luxury hotel.

“We were told we have to move out of this place,” said Richard Tran, owner of Rolls Plus Grill on 10th and Alder. “I’ve been here 7 years and a half.”

But Tran understands why he has to go.

“It’s great for the city, they can bring more tourists, but food cart owners — we have to move,” he said. “That’s OK, that’s life!”