PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — One of Portland’s iconic dessert shops is releasing an edible perfume Sunday that they say will “enhance your ice cream experience.”

Salt & Straw said it worked with a Portland-based perfumer, Imaginary Authors, to develop an aromatic product that can be sprayed on ice cream as a topping or worn as a fragrance. It released Sunday as part of National Ice Cream Day.

The idea, the company says, is to give ice cream what it doesn’t have — a scent. Because the sweet treat has to be stored in low temperatures, the ice cream maker says the smells become trapped. Citing research that suggests 80% of flavor is derived from our sense of smell, Salt & Straw said its product would “fill in that key missing sense” as the world’s first culinary perfume.

The company has currently has three flavors:

  • A Cloud of Cocoa, which has notes of Ecuadorian chocolate, malted milkshake and Japanese whiskey
  • A Plume of Blooms, with floral notes like jasmine and honeysuckle
  • A Swoon of Citrus, which combines scents of Key Lime pie, lychee and Italian lemon groves.

They are available at every one of the ice cream company’s locations and online.