PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Monday through Friday, Marjorie Millage spends her time as a bus driver at a couple of Portland-area schools. Whenever she isn’t driving, she is working on expanding her business: Marjie Bakes Poundcakes.

Millage has enjoyed baking her whole life, but it was her family who encouraged her to turn her love of desserts into a business of her own. Growing up, she watched her aunt make 7 UP pound cakes until her hands wouldn’t allow her to anymore.

Her aunt passed down her special recipe, but Millage still experienced some trial and error when learning how to bake the cakes herself at the beginning of the pandemic. After several attempts at changing the recipe and making it her own, she found that baking was a form of therapy that could also be an additional source of income.

“I got into them fully three years ago, selling them,” Millage said. “My late brother-in-law inspired me to start selling them to people because they were so tasty… he had more faith in me than I did myself and so did my late brother Keith. So my two biggest supporters pushed me to legalize my business and really start going hard.”

Marjie Bakes Poundcake’s logo (courtesy of Marjorie Millage)

Three years later, Millage has a list of 13-pound cake flavors and counting, a growing clientele and a stand at the Portland Saturday Market where she sells $5 slices. Last Saturday, she completely sold out.

For people who want a whole pound cake, Millage takes special orders that start at $45 and go up depending on which flavor, topping, filling, etc., a client wants. Of her 13 flavors, triple lemon, red velvet and key lime are some fan favorites.

Millage bakes her pound cakes all year round, but she receives even more orders around holidays such as Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Mother’s Day. With Thanksgiving being later this month, she is getting prepared for an influx of orders right now. Her goal is to have all of her orders by the Friday before, but she isn’t against taking last-minute orders.

“If I just can’t take any more cakes then, I can’t take any more, but I want to show love during the holidays and my cakes might brighten their day or make their holiday that much more special,” she said.

Potential customers can make orders by calling 503-839-4919 or through the webstore. Locally, Millage makes special orders from home and sells slices at the Portland Saturday Market. She also ships cakes and sells branded merchandise. One day, she hopes to expand her business by putting it on wheels.

“My goal one day is to have my own Margie Bakes mobile truck. Because to me, if you can go to various places and set up shop, that’s where it’s at right now,” she said. “A storefront is great, but when you can actually go to the venues, that’s better.”