PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — You’ve heard the rumors — In-N-Out does, in fact, have a secret menu. But what all is on it?

The not-so-secret menu is actually posted as such right on In-N-Out’s website. It lists six items: a “Double Meat” burger, a “3 x 3,” a “4 x 4,” a grilled cheese, a “Protein Style” burger and an “Animal Style” burger.

If you were to order a “Double Meat” what you’d get back is essentially a double hamburger. The 3 x 3 gives you three patties and three cheese slices, while the 4 x 4 gives — you guessed it — four patties and four cheese slices. The grilled cheese is a great vegetarian option while the bun-less Protein Style burger is another healthier alternative.

Probably the most well-known secret menu item is the Animal Style burger. The burger comes with a mustard-grilled patty, pickles, grilled onions and is smothered in melted cheese and extra spread.

While those are the only items listed by In-N-Out, there are various other cult-favorites that may be unofficial, but tasty all the same. The burger joint says that in reality, they don’t have any secrets at all — just good customer service. Their employees are happy to customize any order.

Some of those customized favorites include an extra toasty bun, well-done fries, cheese fries, a freshly grilled onion burger, Animal Style fries, a Neapolitan shake and even a root beer float. However you want to mix up your order, chances are they can make it happen.

Oregon’s third In-N-Out opens on Thursday in Keizer after months of anticipation.