PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Peanut butter and pickles on a burger? A new burger spot in Wilsonville is offering unique combinations and more.

Killer Burger opened a new location last week at 30020 S.W. Boones Ferry Rd. The menu includes classic burger options to burgers with bleu cheese or spicy combinations, which are all available in pint, original and double sizes.

Franchise owners, J.P. and Stephanie Perfili, said they had a $5 burger and fries special to celebrate the grand opening and remember people coming back three or four times for seconds during the week.

“They told us they were coming back and brought the kids and the next day after that they brought their parents and the next day after that they brought their friends,” said J.P. Perfili with a chuckle.

Despite good burger places in Wilsonville, he added, customers were looking for something different and new. The location offers indoor and outdoor seating for people with a small, covered area to seat up to 150 people overall.

One franchise owner said, “It is meant to look like somebody’s backyard,” when describing the restaurant. There are fairy lights strung across the outdoor area of the Killer Burger.

When asked why their burgers stand out, Perfili said it’s all in the recipe.

“Just the way the burgers are craft made and the house sauces, the recipes, the way the original founder crafted the burgers,” he noted. “It’s a great place to grab lunch or dinner with family and friends sitting enjoying music.”

The couple also owns some Crumbl Cookies franchise locations in the Portland metro area. They said it was easier to hire for the Killer Burger location because employees were interested in upping their hours by joining the team at Killer Burger.

In the future, Killer Burger in Wilsonville plans to add more outdoor amenities to accommodate people wanting to enjoy the sunshine this summer.