PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — With some chilly, rainy days in Portland’s forecast, a hot bowl of ramen could be the remedy for warming up.

We asked Yelp which ramen restaurants were the city’s all-time favorites, and here were the top seven.

Mugen Noodle

Location: 10115 SW Nimbus Ave., Suite 150, Tigard, OR 9722
Rating: 5 stars

This family-owned ramen bar specializes in tori Paitan broth, a creamy chicken-based broth that the chef boils for 12 hours every day. Outside of the tori Paitan deluxe bowl, Mugen Noodle’s fan-favorite dishes are the spicy shrimp, takoyaki and mazemen bowls. The restaurant serves tasty appetizers such as egg rolls, calamari and edamame.

Lucky Cat Ramen

Location: 13600 SW Pacific Hwy., Portland, OR 97223
Rating: 5 stars

Located inside a Southwest Portland H-Mart, Lucky Cat Ramen is a convenient spot for on-the-go shoppers. The menu features just four appetizers and four entrees, making it easier for indecisive customers. It also includes veggie ramen for those who don’t eat pork and chicken broth. If that doesn’t convince you to try it, one Yelp reviewer said that Lucky Cat served them the best ramen they’d had since their Tokyo trip.

Ramen Ryoma

Location: 10500 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy., Beaverton, OR 97005
Rating: 4 stars

Ramen Ryoma now has locations both in Beaverton and in Portland, but its Beaverton location is what has garnered nearly 1,000 Yelp reviews since opening in 2016. The classic miso ramen is the restaurant’s main dish, followed by the deluxe ryoma ramen and the killer spicy ramen. For gluten-intolerant customers, Ramen Ryoma offers shirataki noodles.

Baka Umai

Location: 4703 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Ste 100, Portland, OR 97214
Rating: 5 stars

Baka Umai, which is Japanese slang for “stupid delicious,” is a “Japanese-inspired, Portland-evolved ramen experience.” It offers house-made noodles with broth, in addition to brothless ramen options. The restaurant even has a special spice-lover menu and a list of nine sauces that can be added for customers who want to turn a standard dish into a spicy one.

Koku Ramen & Bites

Location: 20481 SW Baseline Rd., Beaverton, OR 97006
Rating: 4 stars

The mala tonkotsu is Koku Ramen & Bites standout ramen due to its spicy pork broth that comes with a choice of chashu pork or karaage chicken, fresh veggies and a ramen egg. One 5-star reviewer said they “would poor [the mala tonkotsu] into a syringe and inject this directly into my blood stream.” The “bites” portion of the eatery’s menu includes buns, sweet potato fries and gyoza.


Location: 2713 NE Sandy Blvd Portland, OR 97232
Rating: 5 stars

Although it serves a variety of Korean dishes including bulgogi, kimchi and bibimbap, SARI still made Yelp’s list of top ramen spots. The Spicy Sari is a customer-favorite noodle dish. Outside of noodles, guests love the bulgogi rice, chicken dwenjang and spicy pork rice.


Location: 12006 N Jantzen Dr Portland, OR 97217
Rating: 4 stars

Menjiro has many ramen options at or under $10 for those on a budget.

The chefs make all of the noodles in-house with a secret, egg-free recipe. Try the Kobe beef, wakame or the special homemade chashu ramen. Customers who dine in can enjoy their dinner with a view of the Jantzen Beach marina.