PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The City of Troutdale announced it has approved the sale of its historic former City Hall to a Portland brewery, which plans to transform the 100-year-old building into a brewpub.

The Troutdale City Council green-lit the sale of the site to Ent Ventures XIV, following a public hearing Tuesday, Jan. 25. 

The prospective buyers, who currently operate Away Days Brewing Co. and The Toffee Club in Portland, told KOIN 6 News they plan to incorporate the rich history of the property into the new restaurant, bar and beer brewing operation.

“In terms of making sure we are respectful to the history of the building itself, we are working closely with the Troutdale historical society and the city council to ensure we make the people of Troutdale proud of this building once again,” said the intended buyer, Pete Hoppins. “There are so many amazing old stories from Troutdale and its surrounding area that we hope to incorporate into the new space.”

The old City Hall was built in 1922 and has remained vacant for more than 10 years after City employees were forced to leave the building due to structural concerns. 

Prior to the recent decision, the City reviewed numerous options to try and restore the historic property, including a 2019 failed bond levy to save the structure. 

A timeline of the history of the building can be found here.

In a recent release, Troutdale City officials stated, “As the City does not have the resources to save Old City Hall, this sale will lead to the preservation and restoration of the historic building as well as bring a successful brew pub and new dining option to downtown.”

Despite the challenges which come with developing a historic building, the intended tenants told KOIN 6 News, while they plan to keep the property’s exterior as close to the original 1922 building as possible, they believe the business will bring something new to Downtown Troutdale.

“This project is really about respecting the past and looking to the future. How can we repurpose parts of the building for modern use, creating an unexpected experience for Troutdilians and visitors alike?” said Hoppins. “Firstly we want to create a space for the local community to gather, eat and drink, and if Away Days Troutdale becomes a destination then hopefully that will bring added business to downtown Troutdale as well.”

To celebrate the centennial of the building, which opened in 1922 one day before Thanksgiving, the business owners of Away Days Brewing Co. hope to open the new location before the end of the year. 

City officials told KOIN 6 News, a planning commission public hearing regarding the Conditional Use Permit for the brewing operations will be held on Feb. 23. 

To aid in the historic preservation of the building as developers work to renovate and repurpose the site, the City of Troutdale is slated to provide permit and development credits. 

Troutdale City officials stated in a release, “without this sale it is unlikely that the building would have been saved.”