PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — As a Texas court decision on restricting the use of abortion medication nears, Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden defended access to the drug that he said has fewer complications than Tylenol.

Wyden, who spoke near a CVS in Southwest Portland, said Mifepristone has been proven safe and effective to end early-term pregnancies. He said Matthew J. Kacsmaryk, the Trump-appointed conservative judge hearing the case that would ban its use, is ignoring science and is a sign of hypocrisy.

“Remember all that talk you heard about how abortion was going to be a state’s rights issue, baloney! This judge wants to take away people’s rights nationwide,” Wyden said.

A ruling on the case is expected as early as Wednesday.

Wyden said he was in the first hearing on Mifepristone in the 1990s when it was first approved — and the data showed it was safe and effective for early-term pregnancies.