PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Beginning Friday, a COVID-19 testing company is pausing operations for the next week after increasing complaints from consumers led authorities to get involved.

KOIN 6 News started investigating the company this week and obtained footage from a viewer who went out to a company site called Center for Covid Control in Southeast Portland.

The viewer claims he found the storage bin where samples were kept out in the open and with no one around to protect them and with people’s names on them.

As of Friday, there are now 16 filed complaints to the Oregon Attorney General’s office against the Center for Covid Control company.

“The PCR test, one of them, I got back a week and a half after we had taken it, and it was negative and the other one we didn’t get back,” said Kandace Brigleb. “That experience seemed a bit sketchy to us.”

The Oregon Health Authority reminded the public that no person is required to provide a Social Security Number or passport to get a COVID-19 test, and that such a request should be cause for concern.