7 Beaverton School District classes out after possible COVID-19 exposure


It takes just one positive case to initiate a class-wide quarantine, school officials said.

Beaverton School District (KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (PORTLAND TRIBUNE) — Seven classes throughout the Beaverton School District are in quarantine after students and staff were exposed to at least one presumptive positive COVID-19 case in their classrooms, officials confirmed Thursday, Sept. 16. The news comes just one week after the first day of school.

Springville K-8, Montclair Elementary and Mountainside High School each have one class in quarantine, said district spokesperson Shellie Bailey-Shah, and Conestoga Middle School and Terra Linda Elementary School each have two classes in quarantine.

Bailey-Shah said it takes just one presumptive positive case to initiate contact tracing. If someone at one of the schools tests positive for COVID-19, the school nurse will determine who else should quarantine based on how long the individual was in contact with other students and staff, as well as their proximity to the rest of the school population.

For example, anyone who is less than 6 feet from a COVID-19-positive person for longer than 15 minutes during lunch or recess would need to be quarantined, per district policy. For settings like the classroom, anyone who is less than 3 feet from someone who tests positive for longer than 15 minutes would need to quarantine.

“If a teacher or staff member can’t guarantee that the social distancing was met, then out of an abundance of caution, the entire class is quarantined,” Bailey-Shah said.

Beaverton isn’t the only district in the area to start initiating quarantines. At Portland Public Schools, more than 600 students and staff are out of the classroom due to quarantine measures, OPB reported Wednesday, Sept. 15. At least 46 students and 10 staff members have either tested positive for the virus or are presumed to have it.

Beaverton is the third-largest school district in the state with 40,000 students.

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