BBB: Posting school pics to Facebook enables data mining

A vintage high school senior portrait (Public Domain Pictures, Piotr Siedlecki)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — OK, you’re home during the pandemic. You’re bored. You see a lot of your Facebook friends posting their high school senior pictures or sharing list information about their favorites or firsts.

Well, the Better Business Bureau is uneasy with all of this. The reason? Data mining.

“While this may seem innocent enough, bad actors use this information for Data Mining – as many of these games include answers that are clues to security questions on private accounts,” said Danielle Kane, the Oregon State Director for the Better Business Bureau. “Just as sharing your senior picture with graduation date and high-school name gives scammers an opportunity to piece together a profile for you, making it easier to hack your accounts or steal your identity.”

Of course there’s no certainty you’ll get scammed or hacked, she said. But you might — and you might not know about it for months.

Do yourself a favor and think before you post.