Delivery worker: While everyone stays home, we’re going out more


While deliveries are in high-demand, what are the new safeguards being taken for the essential workers?

As the pandemic keeps everyone inside their home, many have moved to online shopping. And while waiting for your orders to arrive, you may be wondering what changes are happening for the essential workers behind the boxes?

We’ve definitely been busy. It’s kind of a catch 22 because they’re telling everyone to not go out but we’ve been going out more.

Erik Pfisterer, Peloton delivery worker

Delivering at-home workout machines now comes with a new set of rules. Before you start the day, your temperature is taken. Now on separate rotations, you wear a mask throughout, and change gloves after each delivery.

Before, we were going in and maybe interacting with these people for an hour, setting them up with everything, making sure they’re comfortable with our product. Now, we’re assembling it out in our van. We’re dropping it off on either the porch or the garage. We can go in the first doorway, but we’re not allowed more than five feet in the home.

It really changes the dynamic.

Erik Pfisterer, Peloton delivery worker

Being in high demand during this pandemic comes with its own set of limitations. Because Erik is still stopping in at multiple doorsteps a day, once off the clock, he can’t just kick-back and relax with his family. He must self-quarantine.

For Easter I really would have liked to see my family. But I had my dinner outside, because my dad is older. He’s at risk, and I wouldn’t want to put him at a place where he might be in danger. They’re home and I’m still stuck behind the glass. I can’t even give my mom a hug.

Erik Pfisterer, Peloton delivery worker

With gyms closed, Erik is now bringing life into stay-at-home routine, seeing eyes light up more than ever as people get their new form of exercise.

We were setting up for a customer, and a guy was out with his kids, just walking in his neighborhood. And he stopped me and said your products have been a really big joy to us. A really big help during this time; staying active. He was grateful we were still out so we could help other people.

Erik Pfisterer, Peloton delivery worker

You no longer have to sign for deliveries, and tips are still optional. But while social distancing, the delivery man says people are getting creative with paying it forward.

I’ve been getting Venmo instead of tips, and we had this one guy who stood a decent bit away from us and put some tip money on the ground. It was a little weird, but I appreciated it.

Erik Pfisterer, Peloton delivery worker

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