PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – COVID-19 vaccines began more than a year ago for adults and six months ago for kids ages 5 through 11. Now, the FDA is waiting for shot-makers to submit their testing data for kids under the age of five and expect to review it in June.
One of the issues with shots for little ones is figuring out how effective a vaccine should be against symptomatic infection.

Pfizer is working on a three-dose plan with weaker individual doses, While Moderna has a two-dose vaccine in the works.

While there’s still a wait for younger kids to be able to get a COVID shot, the research has to be done and reviewed before vaccines for those under age five are approved.

Meanwhile, the feds are sending out more doses of Paxlovid to healthcare providers. Paxlovid, a pill that helps treat COVID, is given primarily to people at high risk of hospitalization from COVID and is taken within five days of having symptoms.

There’s also a new way in Oregon to show proof of being vaccinated. The state finally has an electronic QR code — an electronic copy of your COVID vaccine record you can download.

Those interested can enter their information and download the code at myelectronicvaccinecard.oregon.gov. The card can be stored on your phone, like a picture of your vaccine card, and it can be scanned if needed.