PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Oregon Governor Kate Brown received the Moderna COVID-19 booster and a flu shot Tuesday afternoon at Salem Health’s Edgewater Clinic.

Initially vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, the governor described the safety and efficacy of all COVID-19 vaccines, explaining “all three of the vaccines are safe, and incredibly effective at protecting against hospitalization and death. I am grateful to have received extra protection against both COVID-19 and the flu with the Moderna booster shot and the flu shot.” Gov. Brown said in a press release.

Gov. Brown encouraged Oregonians to talk with their health care providers about getting the booster for extra protection against the virus saying that “vaccinations are our way out of this pandemic. If you still have questions about getting vaccinated, call your doctor or health care provider today to get your questions answered. ” Gov. Brown said.

According to Gov. Brown, mandates have helped increase vaccination rates, especially in health care settings. Her personal doctor, Ralph Yates says more than 99 percent of the 300 health care employees at Salem Health have now been fully vaccinated.

On Tuesday, Oregon Health Authority reported 23 new COVID-19 related deaths, raising the state’s death toll to 4,318.

OHA also reported 1,557 new confirmed and presumptive cases on Tuesday, bringing the state total to 361,240.

Currently, people over 65 are eligible for booster shots, as well as those living in a long-term care facility, and anyone between the ages of 18-65 with underlying medical conditions, or if their job puts them at a higher risk for exposure to the virus.

Since the initial rollout of the vaccines ten months ago, health officials report that vaccines start to lose some of their effectiveness over time. However, booster shots are effective in raising the body’s immunity to COVID-19.

Booster shot eligibility depends on the brand of vaccine initially received. Those who received a Johnson & Johnson shot are ready for a boost two months after getting the first dose. For Those who received Pfizer or Moderna, health officials recommend a booster after six months.

Health officials say you can mix and match all three booster shots, and decline to make any specific vaccine recommendations, however in trials Moderna has an edge.

Booster shots can be scheduled at any pharmacy or with your doctor. Most counties in the area also still have vaccination clinics. Clinic locations can be found at koin.com.