PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A Portland hospital patient is thankful to the KOIN 6 News team for sharing his story and helping him get into surgery in time to save his life.

Last week, Neeraj Gupta called the KOIN 6 newsroom as he waited more than 12 hours in the emergency room at Providence St. Vincent in Portland. He said he was experiencing internal bleeding after complications with recent surgery.

Gupta explained that he needed a simple procedure – but there were no hospital beds available for him. St. Vincent, like many hospitals around the region, is filling up with COVID-19 patients.

“Diverticulitis is not a terminal or anything,” Gupta explained. “It could be easily fixed, but there is nobody available to take care of me.”

Neeraj Gupta exclusively spoke with KOIN 6 News as he was waiting more than 12 hours for a hospital bed at Providence St. Vincent in Portland as a non-COVID patient, August 6, 2021 (KOIN)

Reporter Elise Haas made some calls to help Gupta and reported on the situation in a broadcast that morning.

Gupta credits the KOIN 6 News team for getting him into a hospital bed and undergoing surgery in time to save his life.

“As soon as that video that aired – video wasn’t even aired yet – she called the head nurse in the emergency room – two minutes later, I don’t know what happened – I got the room,” he said.

Gupta is thankful for the healthcare workers at St. Vincent, saying it is a great facility – but acknowledged they were overwhelmed.

“If it wasn’t for KOIN 6 I would be dead today. If it wasn’t for Elise, I would be dead today,” Gupta said.

“You guys basically saved my life and I’m extremely thankful to you,” he said.