PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Wish your proof of vaccination fit inside your wallet? Now, residents in Washington can download proof of COVID-19 vaccination directly to their phones using a state-approved QR code system. 

Alongside Zoom and video chats, the rise in QR code technology has only increased amid the global pandemic. Popularized by restaurants and event venues, the touchless digital code allows users to safely download and access menus, tickets, and now COVID-19 vaccination records with ease.

Washington state’s digital COVID-19 vaccine verification tool was piloted in the fall of 2021 and officially launched in December.

According to the Washington Department of Health, the program currently offers digital COVID-19 vaccine verification through WA Verify and MyIR, which independently confirm and match residents’ records within the state’s immunization system.

For both WA Verify and MyIR, users are prompted to enter their name, date of birth, contact information, along with a password and security PIN to access immunization records. 

Once confirmed, the system will send an email or text notification with a scannable QR code and digital copy of COVID-19 vaccination records.

The innovative digital vaccine cards are valid forms of verification, acceptable for entrance at most restaurants, events, gyms, and retail stores. 

The QR code can be saved by iPhones users with the Apple Health app, and Android users via Google Pay. 

According to the Washington Department of Health, residents who received vaccination from federal agencies such as the Department of Defense, Indian Health Service or the Department of Veterans Affairs must first contact those agencies to receive proof of vaccination status.

Additionally, once a resident updates their COVID-19 vaccination or is boosted, that record will not automatically appear through the QR code.

After an updated dose, Washington Health officials recommend residents wait for three to seven days for the immunization record to update before re-registering. 

While the tool is designed to increase the ease and accessibility of providing proof of vaccination, the Washington Department of Health warns residents should not throw away (or laminate) their original COVID-19 vaccine cards.

More information regarding Washington State’s digital COVID-19 vaccine cards can be found here.