More pharmacies offer vaccines, appointments still a problem


More pharmacies offer vaccines, but getting appointments remain a challenge

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — More pharmacies throughout Oregon will be administering COVID-19 vaccines, according to state health officials.

Walgreens posted dozens of open appointments early Tuesday for stores in the Salem area. Safeway Albertsons also announced it would let people choose the type of vaccine they prefer — the one-dose option from Johnson & Johnson or the two-dose option from either Moderna or Pfizer.

Oregon also has a new callback system for appointments at the Convention Center in which a person registers online and then waits for a return call to schedule an appoint for a shot.

But there is a problem.

KOIN 6 News heard from many people who received a call from a phone number similar to what a telemarketer would use — typically with an unrecognizable or distant area code. So, people have been ignoring the call, assuming it was a robocall, only to fund out it was regarding a shot appointment.

If the call is missed twice, the process has to restart.

Mark Blankenship, a Portland man, told KOIN 6 News he missed both calls and then attempted to call back the suspicious number. He said he kept calling and was continually disconnected.

Get Vaccinated Oregon signup tool

On Monday, Oregonians 65 and older became eligible to sign up for the vaccine on. The new group was added on the same day the state implemented a new signup tool at The selection process, however, is random and does not consider how long a person has been eligible when granting appointments.

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