PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Dr. Maureen Mays went to a bar Tuesday night. She described it as a “labor of love.”

Mays, a private practice doctor, said she’s been trying to get COVID-19 vaccine for months.

“It’s been very difficult to get it. It’s been sort of doled out to the hospitals,” she told KOIN 6 News. “Finally there’s enough so private doctors can get enough as well.”

She said she saw a few new stories of “a shot and a beer and a shot,” so she reached out to a number of bars and got the OK from Kelly’s Olympian in Portland. Mays and her team at Preventive Primary Care are partnering with Kelly’s Olympian for the pop up vaccination clinic.

“They gave me the table and the space and said come on down. I am not taking money for anything. This is just a labor of love,” Mays said.

Dr. Maureen Mays administered the Johnson & Johnson one-shot COVID vaccine at Kelly’s Olympian in Portland, May 25, 2021 (KOIN)

Kelly’s Olympian is offering a free drink for anyone of legal drinking age who comes in for a vaccine shot on Tuesday, May 25 or Thursday, May 27.

One of the people who came to Kelly’s Olympian was Stephen, who said he saw the post on social media.

“It’s cool that venues like this and health care professionals are thinking outside the box to get it out there,” he said. “I actually found it because of Instagram looking at a music venues post about other things and I was like, ‘Oh, they are doing Johnson and Johnson.”

Stephen said he’s looking forward to going to Blazer games and “every county moving to lower risk.”

Multnomah County Public Health Director Jessica Guernsey said even though the county is moving to lower risk on Thursday, “we are not out of the woods yet.”

“In Multnomah County, our public health advice is to keep your mask on when you are indoors, whether you are vaccinated or not,” Guernsey said.

Moving to low risk doesn’t mean there is no transmission of COVID-19. “We are continuing to see disease transmission,” she said. “We are recommending that as folks rejoin activities with friends and family and go out to eat, go to the gym, that they consider, we recommend them putting on a mask if they are going to be indoors with other people, whether they are vaccinated or not.”

And she recommends that people get vaccinated. “If you’ve been vaccinated consider reaching out to people in your life.”

Which is why Dr. Mays was at Kelly’s Olympian on Tuesday, and will be back there at 5:30 p.m Thursday “until the vaccine runs out.”

“I think we are at a spot right now where everyone who was gung ho to get vaccinated, got vaccinated,” Mays said. “Now what I feel like we are doing is reaching out to those who are hesitant or completely hesitant and saying there’s plenty of data now. It’s safe. Get in and get the shot.”

Mays said people who are hesitant about the vaccine should talk with their doctor, talk to a professional.

“I’ve been trying to get vaccines into people,” the doctor said. “I want our life to get back to normal and I want everybody to get vaccinated.”