PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Anna Zamarripa is a property manager who said she’s been working nonstop to help her tenants apply for rental assistance. But she said the process has been difficult, confusing and plagued with technical issues.

“I feel like we’ve been nothing but patient and I feel like we have done everything we can to help these residents find these programs and apply to these programs, and to a certain extent do OHCS’ job,” said Zamarripa, who is with Capital Property Management. “When I signed onto this company it was not my job to, you know, to navigate Allita.”

Oregon Housing and Community Services – Landlord and Rental Resources

September 30 is the date the US Treasury said 65% of federal funding needs to be obligated by a benchmark Oregon has not yet hit. Only 19% of households who applied through Oregon’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program have been paid.

Oregon Housing and Community Services, though, said guidance from the US Treasury indicates it won’t be pulling excess funds until Spring 2022.

Still, the rate at which funds are getting out the door is frustrating both tenants and landlords.

Zamarripa said landlords need more communication about what’s going on. She also said some of the checks they received just showed up in the mail without an explanation of who it’s for or what months of rent it’s supposed to cover.

OHCS officials told KOIN 6 News they are looking into that issue.

“We need better communication. We need any honest communication about how these, when someone is approved and when they need additional information,” Zamarripa said.