‘Long COVID’ effects becoming more clear


About 1 in 3 COVID survivors suffer long effects

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A recent study showed one in 3 COVID survivors have suffered symptoms for 3 to 6 months after infection.

The study on “Long COVID” by the University of Oxford and the National Institute for Health Research looked at nearly 300,000 people recovering from COVID-19. The study found the 9 features that define “Long COVID” were present in about 90,000 people, more frequently in those who had been hospitalized and slightly more often in women.

Symptoms range from breathing problems, abdominal pain, digestive problems and fatigue.

Dr. Aluko Hope, the medical director for the Long COVID program at OHSU, said the symptoms can compound and seriously disrupt a person’s life even if they aren’t severe.

“Even if you’re able to go back to work you might not be able to interact with your kids, you might not be able to participate in the really important social roles that you value,” Hope said, “and over time there’s going to be a large component of our population that experience these troubles.”

He also said it’s sobering that many Long COVID cases are popping up in young adults and kids.

Living with Long COVID doesn’t mean you’ll feel at your worst for days, weeks or months after testing negative. But it’s the presence of any symptom that lingers.

Not all are physical. Symptoms like anxiety and depression are also part of long COVID.

Dr. Hope said there is no way to generalize people who suffer with Long COVID. Every patient has a different set of circumstances.

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