PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — New rules are now in effect statewide as Governor Brown tries to avoid another economic shutdown. 

During a press conference with state health authorities on Monday, Brown announced she’s enhancing the face-covering rule. As of Wednesday, you’ll be required to wear a mask outdoors, if you can’t stay six feet away from people outside your immediate household.

KOIN 6 News’ Elise Haas caught up with a Portlander who comes to the waterfront park regularly. He says he supports governor brown’s new rule.​

“I jog, I bike and I run around the Waterfront and I always have my mask with me. It’s out of respect,” Hollis Kinner said. “When I see others wearing masks I feel a level of respect, but when I see people not wearing masks and they creep up behind you running – I don’t understand that. I think everyone should have a mask on.” 

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Kinner just got a COVID-19 test on Monday — and tested negative. ​

He’s thankful for his health, but he says it’s about taking all the right steps and precaustions for his wellbeing and others around him.​

“The virus is real, I know people who have lost family members. I have friends who have both had the virus, one of them got really bad,” he said. “He was hospitalized – he was put into a coma. Thank god he survived, but the virus is real.” 

Governor Brown’s rule also limits indoor parties and get-togethers to 10 people. ​But, her rule doesn’t apply to churches or restaurants and gyms. ​

Brown says officials won’t be policing personal parties. She’s asking for everyone’s compliance with these new rules to prevent shutting oregon back down. 

“Our society is not a collective society, it is very individualistic, it’s all about instant gratification, people feel entitled to their freedoms,” Kinner said. “I understand that, but public health has to be above everything else — it has to be.”